Days to be Told

by Trio 000

Cane 05:01
I Too 11:30


It implants itself in the people; stubbornly, it brings new to old and out to in. We are in community with our ancestors and with the unborn, even with the never will be born. Must we make amends, sing common ground, or stagnate in the dissipation of human spiritual strength?

Days to be Told is new music with an integrity modeled by musicians who are making it happen in a very old way, a rising tide of putting it all together: place and sound, people and purpose. Triangles imply a certain geometrical balance and stability; that’s why we put cameras on tripods. A group like this—two-man rhythm section, plus free-soloing saxophonist—can self-destruct on the spire of imbalance or implode under the weight of excessive democracy and balance. This project does neither.

Rather Luke Stewart, Sam Lohman, and Aaron Martin, Jr. make the idea of a free jazz trio combustible and a bit dangerous again. I heard Aaron once explain to an audience member at one of their shows how the extreme reed sounds he seemed to expect from a creative musician were really more a sonic hallmark of New York players. “I don’t screech,” he said, quoting the patron. “I play lines.” They are swelling, whiskey-smooth, rounded lines that lift and are stacked like shelves carved into a glacial wall of pure melodic cipher. Sam makes a case that a black sound can be emitted from a white body, not a black that is of Africa, but a black that has more to do with dirt—that thin layer of generous topsoil on which we and our civilized toys are an unsolicited parasite. Luke, who you will find when you meet him, is not nearly as tall or as old as you thought, is a processor, an odd kind of algorithmic tonal Turing machine, working on two ends of a data string simultaneously. His job seems just beyond possible as he cross-translates and knits together into seamless music the broad palettes of Lohman and Martin.

This is not a music built with drama or dependent on punch lines for its engagement with the listener. It is an album born of a modern jazz that knows its days are numbered, but not necessarily in any recognizable sequence. It is a walking daydream of precision-discipline and grit. A moment in movement captured in a recording studio in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn on an early autumn afternoon, Days to be Told is an opportunity to listen with artists who are playing the miraculous precision of hearing as a tool for social reconstruction and planetary rebirth.

Thomas Stanley


released November 6, 2015

Sam Lohman - Drums
Aaron Martin - Sax
Luke Stewart - Bass

Recorded & mixed by Jason LaFarge at Seizures Palace.
Mastered by Nathan Moore at Portland Sound.


all rights reserved



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