1. Espiritu Zombi
    The Eternals

  2. Suburban Bars / Golden Square
    Unraze / Hyrrokkin

  3. Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
    Scott Fields

  4. Chemical Language
    Wally Shoup / Bill Horist / Paul Kikuchi

  5. Days to be Told
    Trio 000

  6. The Conjuring
    Premature Burial

  7. Bone Turquoise

  8. Mercy

  9. Plane Crash 2
    Henry Kaiser / Damon Smith / Weasel Walter

  10. (Trio)
    Jeff Kowalkowski

  11. Gordian Twine
    Chris Pitsiokos

  12. Pomegranate
    Stephen Haynes

  13. Akra Kampoj
    Elliott Sharp + Scott Fields

  14. Time AS One Axis
    Invisible Things

  15. Sun Square Dialect
    Upsilon Acrux

  16. Unnatural Ways
    Ava Mendoza

  17. Luddite
    Andrew Barker / Paul Dunmall / Tim Dahl

  18. Serious Heft
    Split Red

  19. Viscera
    Colin Webster + Mark Holub

  20. Treffpunkt
    U Sco

  21. Sephfus 7"
    Hyrrokkin / Doug Scharin's Activities of Dust

  22. Guided Motion
    Johnny DeBlase

  23. Split
    killer BOB / Wei Zhongle

  24. Solarists
    Haitian Rail

  25. Blind Thorns
    Blind Thorns

  26. Pristine Origin

  27. Conformity contortion
    Impulsive Machinations

  28. Sylphid Vitalizers
    Brandon Seabrook

  29. Dub Narcotic Session

  30. the dragon and the griffin
    Dave McDonnell Group

  31. Regurgitant Phenomena

  32. ceremonies out of the air
    Keir Neuringer

  33. Anatomy of a Moment
    Tatsuya Nakatani + Shane Perlowin

  34. Chamaeleon
    Edward Ricart Quartet + Paul Dunmall

  35. Haitian Rail
    Ricart/Millevoi Quartet

  36. Voices of Grain

  37. Nest
    U Sco

  38. Momentum Anomaly
    Elliott Sharp

  39. Infinite Teeth

  40. A Postcard From the Road
    William Hooker Strings 3

  41. 5678765

  42. Cordyceps
    Psychotic Quartet

  43. Forever is Something Inside You
    Joy Mega

  44. Two of Us Riding Nowhere
    Hush Arbors

  45. Tambora
    Matta Gawa

  46. Black Figure of a Bird
    Nick Millevoi


New Atlantis Records Yellow Springs, Ohio

New Atlantis Records is an independent record label documenting exceptional creative music, from avant jazz and free improvisation to vanguard rock music, and beyond. The ever-blossoming catalog features contributions from Elliott Sharp, William Hooker, Microwaves, Paul Dunmall, Blind Thorns, Dave McDonnell Group, Thollem McDonas + Sara Lund (Unwound), Hyrrokkin, Haitian Rail, Keir Neuringer, etc ... more

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