SFFS 08:00
Shorts 05:37
We Refuse 04:04


A split cassette from NYC's killer BOB and Chicago's Wei Zhongle will bring emotion, commotion, and hysteria to your empty, staid existence. In search of corporeal bliss? This music may be the only best answer. Your gracious brain will bestow upon you a bounty of endorphins as a reward for listening. This is a diverse prescription. Both units are remarkably dissimilar in their approach to making sound, despite a few superficial commonalities--- stagger-stepped, shifting meters, deft temporal extrapolation, and bracing atonality. In both cases, the music is a deliberate shift towards 'big shapes' in the creative rock underground.

Grandiose, expansive, and relentlessly unfurling, killer BOB craft music with the potential to be endless. Long rhythmic phrases, minimalist instrumentation, and imperceptible barlines afford the musicians room to focus on one another, propelling the music in the moment and forging one indivisible aural unit. Comprised of members of Normal Love, Pet Bottle Ningen (Tzadik), Dreebs, Girls and God, and more, killer BOB harness the electrifying textures and rhythmic deliberacy of No Wave, marked by the influence of the storied Downtown NYC community from which they've been born.

Upon first examination, Wei Zhongle's mystifying, entwined tangles of clarinet and guitar could be parsed into brief, stuttering phrases, but the true syntax at hand runs much deeper. Subtle phonetic inflections in attack and harmony allow the musicians to obscure the true route and destination of their compositions. Obtuse, rhythmically-complex clusters punctuate longer lines of layered melody. The rhythm section evokes a group of extraterrestrials working out heretofore unexplored clave patterns. Their efforts underpin and compound arcing melodic lines, directing the repetition with depth, proportion, and scalar virtue.

New Atlantis Records is grateful for the opportunity to bring these units to new minds. This music outright reeks of creativity, masterfully harnessed. There is no need for antiperspirant here, because you will dig this musk. The funk is right on. Buy your copy on August 22, pre-order your copy now from www.newatlantisrecords.com. Share your copy with your loved ones, and smell the freshest on your block. This might be more of what you need than some of the other things you're chasing.


released August 22, 2014

killer BOB
Max Jaffe (drums)
Rob Lundberg (bass)
Dave Scanlon (guitar)

Written by Killer BOB
Recorded / Mastered - Joe Plourde @ the Silent Barn - September 2013

Wei Zhongle
John McCowen (clarinet)
Sam Kilickner (drums)
David Allen (bass)
Jon Goodman (clarinet)
Rob Jacobs (guitar)

Written by Rob Jacobs
Recorded / mixed - David Allen - June 2013
A Fleeting Attainment + We Refuse - recorded + mixed Rob Jacobs


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